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  • National Public Radio WBHM, August 14, 2015, Birmingham, Alabama
    Celebrating Andrew Glaze’s new book, “Overheard in a Drugstore”.
“Celebrating Andrew Glaze, Alabama’s Poet Laureate, And His New Book”.

  • National Public Radio WNYC, August 21, 1978, New York City
    “Andrew Glaze discusses his collection of poems, The Trash Dragon of Shensi. He reads some poems from the book including “Lights,” “Choir,” “Becoming,”and “Fantasy Street.”

  • National Public Radio MPR, December 7, 1973, Minneapolis, Minnesota,
    “Joseph Pap and his connection to the Cricket Theater”. Interview with New York producer Joseph Pap about the Cricket Theater’s new play ‘Kleinhoff Demonstrates Tonight’. Pap also discusses finding an audience for new works.”  The play was written by Andrew Glaze, poet and playwright.

  • Clocktower Radio, New River show, New York City,
    Four Poets reading poems.  Actress Patricia Randell reads two poems by poet Andrew Glaze: “Rudderless” and “Clown”.


  • Glaze reads his poem “I am the Jefferson County Courthouse”.
    “Andrew Glaze’s poem “I am the Jefferson County Courthouse,” from his 1981 book of the same title, is a powerful remembrance of his time as a newspaper reporter in Birmingham, Alabama during the 1950s.”

  • Glaze reads his poem “Earl”.
    Glaze reads his poem “Earl” from his first book, “Damned Ugly Children”. Earl was a hired worker who helped Glaze renovate a house.

  • Glaze reads his poem “Book Burial”.
    “Poet Andrew Glaze reads “Book Burial,” a poem for lovers of books and writing.”

  • Glaze reads his poem “Generations”.

  • Glaze reads his poem “A Journey”.
    Glaze reads his poem “A Journey” about a childhood event when he was three.

  • Book Launch Celebration, August 16, 2015
    Poet friends and Family read poems from Glaze’s 2015 book “Overheard In a Drugstore”, along with tributes.
  • Book Launch with Louder Volume, August 16, 2015
    Same as above, but with higher volume.

  • Song by Andrew Glaze sung by his son Peter Glaze
    “Pete Glaze performs the song “Love In The World,” written by his father Andrew Glaze for his play “Kleinhoff Demonstrates Tonight.” Copyright 1970 Andrew L. Glaze.”

  • Irene Latham reads “Old Poet” by Andrew Glaze:
  • Youtube, November 5, 2012, Poet Laureate Ceremony, Montgomery, AL.
    “Ceremony on November 5, 2012 in Capitol in Montgomery. Glaze 92 years old is a distinguished, well published, and nationally recognized poet, who is a long time resident of Alabama.”

  • Birmingham Arts Journal, 2012 My Favorite Poem Event, Birmingham, AL.
    Andrew Glaze is one of several readers.  He reads a poem by Yates.
  • Birmingham Arts Journal, 2014 My Favorite Poem Event, Birmingham, AL.
    Jerri Beck reads Andrew Glaze’s poem “The Trash Dragon of Shensi.”


  • Andrew Glaze, Morris Grey Lecture Series recording.
    1967, Woodberry Poetry Room, Harvard University. 2 sound tape reels. Also available in digital form. Hollis #001824912
  • Poets Reading Their Poems.
    1970, Andrew Glaze and Galway Kinnell. Poseidon Society Recording. Record # 1003.
  • A journey, music composed by Ned Rorem.
    –1984, The American Song Series. Volume 1 as Rosalind Rees Sings Ned Rorem. GSS Record 104.
    –1995, Hearing 32 Songs of Ned Rorem. Premier Recordings.
    –2000, Susan Graham Sings Ned Rorem. Erato. 2000.

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